Made fresh, with love, Locally!

Here at Marissa Meals we are dedicated to making YOUR life easier. We know how crazy life can be, calendars easily fill up and things get pushed to the side, such as health and wellness.  We want everyone to feel like they can lead a healthy lifestyle, so we are here to help!

We provide healthy options at the touch of your fingertips, delivered to your door. Our meals cater to what we believe your body needs to be a lean mean machine ready for anything life throws your way! Healthy to us means an adequate amount of protein, the essential fats that the body needs to process food and a moderate amount of carbohydrates to fuel your brain and get you through the day! Our meals are customizable to fit your needs. Our main goal is to provide clean, fulfilling, preservative free, healthy options. We like to leave decisions about your daily sustenance/intake up to you! Health to us begins in the body, let us take care of the meals so that you can focus on the important things in life.

                     ABOUT THE OWNER

Hey!  I’m Marissa Cole

I understand how hard it can be to try and lead a healthy lifestyle. You will read so many articles and see so much information about fitness that it can be confusing. (Don’t worry I did all of it too!) I want to simplify the lifestyle you choose to live, I want to show you that it can be done no matter your circumstances and it begins with food! You don’t need to pick a diet and follow it to a T, it comes down to giving your body the nutrients it needs to prosper and operate correctly! Balance and keeping moderation in mind are key!

 I am a certified personal trainer, and an IFPA Pro Bikini Competitor. Marissa Meals started on a whim when one of the clients I trained asked me to meal prep for them and the rest is history! It has always been my initial intention to help other achieve their own personal goals and prove being happy and healthy isn’t so difficult after all. Inspiring others to choose a healthy and active lifestyle is my main objective. With a little guidance and a positive attitude your goals can become reality.

 That being said with your orders being placed you in return help others. Any extra food I have left over from Marissa Meals is donated to a homeless family shelter each week so that nothing goes to waste. With your orders being placed you should be happy to know that because of you someone else is eating a meal that they were not guaranteed.